Vassell’s COVID-19 Statement

At Vassell’s LTD  Your Safety Is Our Priority

We have suspended all social gatherings and conference meetings with all members of our team until further notice in guidance to the Government’s recommendations.  Members of our staff that travel outside the UK will remain in quarantine until further notice from their medical profession. Any member of staff that travel outside the UK within these time on their return will need to be in quarantine for approximately 14 days in line with government recommendation.

To maintain continuity in regard to communication virtual conference solution will be implemented.

As a responsible Employer we will wherever possible encourage clients and contractors to hold video or conference calls in place of face to face meetings. We are ready to follow any further guidance from Public Health England to protect the Health and Safety of our people.

Business continuity

Vassell’s LTD understands the importance and benefits of managing resilient and recoverable operations to service our clients. We understand the important aspects of how we deliver client service to be fault tolerant, minimising any single points-of-failure. From how we use technology, operate engagement teams, our operations are highly resilient and secure.

We recognise that even resilience has its limitations so Vassell’s LTD have established business continuity and incident management arrangements to prepare, respond, and recover from various types of operational threats.

We believe our business continuity plans will reduce the level of potential service interruption to our clients and business operations as well as allowing for efficient and proven recovery efforts.

Ensuring continuity for our clients.

Everyday flexibility is part of the way we work at Vassell’s LTD which means working remotely is a familiar practice for our teams. While the circumstances which may arise due to a potential COVID-19 outbreak will be unknown, we are confident our people are prepared.

All our people are equipped with laptops, chargers, headsets, mobile phones and access to CRM System to ensure they can continue to work effectively whether they be at home.

Our IT support team at BeDot Media Ltd designed our system to be robust and resilient.

Vassell’s LTD CRM Cloud System ensures our clients can access documents from anywhere, we work hard to protect our client’s confidentiality and data, we will also provide additional guidance for our client’s.

We’re preparing as a business

We are monitoring and acting on the advice of Governments in the territories in which we operate, the World Health Organisation and our own medical advisers. Vassell’s LTD will continue to undertake full business impact assessments across our business to identify potential risks and prepare for the continuation of services under a worst-case scenario.

In the meantime, to help prevent the spread of the virus and protect everyone, we will be asking all our staff to wash their hands upon arrival on all site where practical. We have also advised our members of staff to not contact other personals I.e. shaking of hands when on site. Vassell’s LTD have provided hand sanitisers, extra wipes to their staff and have advised to use them throughout.

Our supply chain

We are in touch with our suppliers and service partners to have appropriate plans and arrangements in place to ensure the continuity of the supply of goods and services. This level of contingency will help to reduce disruption throughout the delivery of the service.

Should you have any enquiries we have our 24/7 helpline on 0208 3201050
Email at where we are doing all that that we can to assist our clients.

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